10 October 2013

T-Shirt of the Day: Clockwork Gears

Today's T-Shirt of the Day comes from a booth that I spotted at Interbike last month. I loved the designs from Clockwork Gears, and talked for a few moments with the owner, Jed. He offered me a shirt, but seeing as - according to the wife - I have too many t-shirts (is that even possible?), I instead let her choose one.

She selected the "Mermaid Bike" design, which I have to say is a great design.

Go check out the other shirt designs, as well as their dresses, prints, and postcards at www.clockworkgears.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So complimentary, to be sure, for you to refer to her as "the wife". She is not your wife, or "my wife"? Why do you do that?

Her taste of t-shirts is good. And, does she refer to you as "the husband"? Or, "my husband"?

Ruby Rachel