25 November 2013

Monday is out to get Me

You ever have one of those days where every little thing seems to go wrong? Today is apparently my day, and - fittingly - it is a Monday.

There hasn't been any tragdies, just annoyingly bothersome little things just to make you question why, exactly, you got out of bed.

To start off, my alarm went off at the correct time, and I hit the snooze button. Never a good way to start the week.

Then, our wi-fi was down, and my tablet was saying that the temperature was 15 degrees warmer than it actually was. After a bracingly chilly ride to the train, and a peaceful ride downtown, I disembarked the train to discover that I had a flat rear tire. Fortunately, the train station is only two and a half blocks from my office.

Changing a flat at my office isn't a big deal, I've done it before. What is a big deal is realizing that you don't have all the necessary tools to change your flat.

What's missing from this picture?

Yep, somehow my tire lever I keep in my saddle bag is no longer in there. I know that there are some people who will say that you don't need a lever, but depending on the tire I usually can't get the tire off without a lever to start it.

QUICK TIP: You can use your QR skewer lever as a makeshift tire lever!

At least the culprit was easy enough to find, there was a shard of glass embedded in my tire.

Next little problem, well, I'll let you see if you can find the problem in this next picture:

for those of you who couldn't see the problem, my spare tube had a 36mm valve stem, instead of a 48mm stem. My rim is too tall for a 36mm stem.

I have no idea where I got a 36mm stem tube from, I know it won't fit my rims, so I don't buy them. How then did one get in my seatbag?

Fortunately, the hole in the tube was easy to find, and I was able to patch it (I did still have my patch kit in the seatbag). A quick trip across the street to the bike shop for some air, and I'm good to go for the ride home.

Minor rant over. Have a great week everyone!

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