05 February 2014

How to Make a Great Shoe Even Better

A couple of weeks ago, Outdoor Retailer came to town. As per usual, I spent a day or so wandering the aisles looking for cycling related products.

One of the booths that caught my attention was Boa. Boa wasn't there to showcase a particular product, they were showing off their technology. To do that, they were offering to retrofit attendee's shoes with the Boa system. So, I took my favorite pair of cycling/commuting shoes - my Teva Pivots - in to have them converted.

The "before" shot

The Boa system is magical, I tell you. It's quick, easy, and I'm able to get my shoes to snug up tighter than I was able to with laces. The strap that used to help corral the laces now protects the closure mechanisim.

And, after.

Unfortunately, the system is not available for retrofit. It is available on a wide range of shoes, helmets, and other non-cycling applications. To see the full range of products, go to www.boatechnology.com

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