09 September 2014

Interbike Outdoor Demo: Day 1

The weather started off peasant, but by early afternoon, the rains came in. Still, there was plenty to see and ride.

One of the more unique suspension systems that has been shown. Lauf uses carbon fiber leaf springs in a fork system that weighs little more than a rigid carbon fork. 

The first of two fat-tire bikes that I rode today. Surly's Ice Cream Truck. More agressive handling and geometry than the Surly Moonlander. Also, my latest want.

Bern has new colors and a better fit system for their helmets. I am liking the camo on the Morrison.


I unfortunately left my helmet home. (yeah, smart move). Fortunately, I was able to demo a couple of helmets. Laser - which I loved the fit (it perfectly fit my narrow head). And Smith Optics upcomming road helmet, the Overtake. Hopefully I will be able to provide more information on both helmets in the future 

The other fat tire bike I rode today, the Salsa Mukluk. Fat tire, suspension, and a blast to ride over the trails. 

Sunglasses. Who's surprised that I am looking at sunglasses.  New colors for the Smith Optics Pivlok V2 Max. The colorways match their Overtake and Forefront helmets. 

One more day at the Outdoor Demo before we move indoors. 

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