07 October 2015

Product Review: Bolle The One

Yes, I did make it to Interbike this year. Yes, I did slowly limp around the show floor for two days, and yes, I did see some friends and some cool things at the show.

And yes, this is an actual product review post!

One of the friends I saw was Jim Katz with Bolle. Jim told me that he had something really cool - and unexpected - to show me. I was assuming it was a new sunglass line.

Instead he showed me Bolle's entry into the performance cycling helmet field - The One.

What sets this helmet apart from all the rest is how modular they have made it. The One is an apt name for the helmet because Bolle has created it to be "the one" helmet for every situation.
The One comes with detachable air foils to block its 31 vent holes if a more aerodynamic profile is needed, a visor for those days where you want to venture off the asphalt on a knobby tired bike, a detatchable integrated rear LED light for commuting when the sun is not in an optimal position, and interchangeable liners for all season riding.
It also has a "sunglass garage" to securely hold your sunglasses when you don't want them on your face.
Has anyone seen my sunglasses?
The One, and its scaled-down sibling, the Messenger, will be available to the public in Early 2016, I will post another review once I am able to get a model for a hands-on test. The price for The One will range from $129.99 to $169.99 depending on if you choose the standard or premium trim.
I have to say that Jim's email telling me about something unexpected and cool turned out to be correct. It is a good looking helmet with tons of functionality. Right now, I switch between 3 helmets depending on the season, and type of riding that I am doing. I can see this helmet taking the place of all of them.

Look for The One on the noggins of the SmartStop Pro Cycling team this year and next.


Anonymous said...

Any updates on this helmet?

Bike Junkie said...

I am awaiting my review model. They should be in stores sometime this spring.