15 February 2016

Two Great Tastes that Together Should Equal a Restraining Order

Happy V-Day yesterday. Hope your day was full of whatever you expected from it.

Myself? Mrs. Bike-Junkie and I enjoyed an evening of binge-watching TV shows from previous weeks, and shooing the kids off to bed at an age-appropriate time. We did all of our Valentine's Day activities on Saturday.

Still, my Sunday was not just church and Hulu (which I assure you is not the same as Netflix and chill). While I was bored at church yesterday, I made some wholly inappropriate V-Day memes.

Hopefully you remember my favorite creepy/pervy Cat1 cyclist:

Still no idea who he is, but thank you, kind sir, for the picture I found on the innerwebs.

And no doubt, you have all seen lists on the innnerwebs for the top pick-up lines for cyclists (such as this one)?

Well, when you combine them together in meme-form, the creep/perv level rises to gloriously uncomfortable levels:

And my personal favorite:

Enjoy. That uncomfortable feeling you have will subside after a good cold shower.

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