15 December 2016

Product Review: Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro

It's winter.

I'm telling you this because some people live in warmer climates and they may have missed the google calendar notification.

Up here, winter means dark, cold, and... well, that about sums it up.

because of the fact it is winter, the majority of product reviews that will be forthcoming will be of use in either dark or cold. Sometimes both.

Today's product review won't do much to keep you warm - unless you break out some bike-dance moves.

The Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro is truly a jack of all trades, a veritable Swiss Army knife of bike lights. Not only is it a light for your bike, but it is also a powerbank - to recharge your phone, etc... a lantern for off-bike lighting needs, and last but not least, a speaker.

The flashlight - which plugs into the powerbank output USB port - has three settings, torch, strobe, and lamp (high and low lamp, so technically four settings),

Speaking of the powerbank, it has a 2600 mAh rechargable battery in it, so you'll be able to easily recharge your phone, GPS, or whatever electronic device you have with you.

Finally the speaker. On one end is the light, which obviously you want pointing at the road. The other end is the bluetooth speaker, conviently pointing back at you so you can listen to your music, make calls, what have you while riding.

How does it work? Pretty dang well! The light is bright, almost annoyingly so. I've used the high lamp while camping and it does a good job of illuminating the surrounding area, while the low lamp is dim enough not to wake your sleeping significant other while you fumble around. The speaker, while not excessively loud is loud enough to hear while riding in all but the noisiest environments.

Battery life is good. you can expect 10+ hours from the speaker on a full charge. Adding the light will drop that number, of course. I've had the light and speaker running for several hours before I've needed to recharge.

The Buckshot Pro retails for $79.95, and is available in 5 colors. More information can be found here.

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