11 November 2009

Utah Velodrome - not dead yet!

Just when I thought that my hopes of having a velodrome in Utah had come to an end, an article appears yesterday in the Salt Lake Tribune offering a new glimmer of hope.

To summarize, Draper has adopted a resolution supporting a velodrome at Lynn Ballard Ball Park, 13500 South 1500 East, South of Salt Lake City. This could be an outdoor velodrome, where the one under proposal in Ogden would be an indoor wood track.
"It's something I saw as an opportunity to bring to Draper that would fit well into the community," said Councilman Jeff Stenquist. "I see it also as an economic development opportunity because it would bring competitions from across the United States and beyond."
Draper City is in talks with the Utah Velodrome Association at this time to determine where funding for such a project would come.

Although there are no solid plans to build a velodrome in Utah yet. It is a positive note that there are now two cities in Utah that are considering, or have plans in the works to build a velodrome.

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