01 January 2010

Looking backward: 2009 in review

It seems like two kind of posts are de rigueur this time of year: Reflecting on the past and resolutions for the future.

I don't feel like making a list of resolutions, or even a list of things I would like to see happen in 2010 at this time. Maybe later.

Instead, I want to look back at 2009 - in a cycling sense. I didn't get as many miles under my tires, or get out as many times as I would have liked to, but this isn't the post where I whine about that. Instead, I want to reflect on some of the fun cycling-related things that I had the opportunity to be a part of during 2009.

In more or less cronological order, I give you my 2009

Went out for a New Year's day bike ride. Have to start the year out right!

Spent 3 hours on the trainer in public at the American Diabetes Assn. Diabetes Expo.

Went on a bike ride for my birthday with Phil Keoghan of the Amazing Race. (He was doing his ride across America, and happened to be going through Utah on April 2nd. How could I pass up an opportunity like that?)

Wasn't able to do the century route for the Tour de Cure because of a mechanical problem with my handlebars. Instead, a friend and I rode the 25 mile route 3 times providing mechanical and moral support. Was the best time that I have ever had on that ride!

Family trip to Forks, Washington (my 15-year-old is a Twilight fanatic, to put it mildly). I took my bike, and got to experience the trip in my own way. From cycling along the Columbia river in Portland, OR, to riding my bike from forks down to La Push, to getting lost in Boise trying to find the velodrome (never did find it), I had a great trip!

Tour of Utah.
I was able to watch 3 stages: the Prologue, Park city to Snowbird and the Downtown Criterium. Absolutely incredible! Was able to get my picture with a couple of my favorite pros.

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market.
I don't think I realized how big the Salt Palace expo center is until I tried walking all of it. Saw some very cool products.

Participated in my first sprint triathlon. Finished, and had a great time doing it. Planning on doing it again in 2010.

Just a few highlights of 2009. Here's to 2010! I hope you all have a prosperous and Happy New Year!

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Kelly Hill said...

Just to be technical - we were in Washington at the very beginning of June, right when school let out. No biggie.

You were able to experience some great things last year. Here's hoping it gets even better for you this year! Love ya.