06 October 2010

Dirty Dash: The Pictures

Here are the pictures that go along with the Dirty Dash post from the 27th.

Here's the map of the course

The Dirty Eagles, and Soap (team names) before the race. The pig-sty behind us will come into play at the end of the race.

Soldier Hollow was a great venue.  The fall leaves were absolutely beautiful!

Up and over.  Not too muddy... yet. Photo by Flo-Foto.

me wearing my Zensah compression socks.  They worked great!  I'll post about them soon. Photo by Flo-Foto.

One of my friends, Mandi, coming down the slippy slide.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of me on the slide. Photo by Flo-Foto.

Another friend, Kim, coming down the slide. Photo by Flo-Foto.

My cousin and his girlfriend.  Surprisingly, they weren't racing!

The pig-sty.  some people went into it carefully, and aren't muddy on their faces or heads.  Me?  Belly flop!

Do you think I was having fun? Photo by Flo-Foto.

The climb out of the pig-sty.


This shirt was white...

my cousin and her son.  She flew up from California Friday just to race with us, and then flew back Sunday.  You rock, Tracy!

muddy smile.

... and the after photo.  Photo by Flo-Foto.

What we didn't get a picture of was the showers after.  If I had one complaint about the Dirty Dash, it would be that they didn't have enough showers.  Several hundreds of us were standing in line for what seemed like forever to wash the mud off enough to get home.  Oh, and the showers were ICE COLD!!!!

If you couldn't tell from the pictures we had a blast!  We'll be back for more next year.  Thanks to the organizers of the Dirty Dash for a great time!

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