04 March 2011

30 Days of Biking

I am of the belief that there are two main ways to commit to a plan: 1) Paying a significant sum for it, and 2) Public scrutiny. For example; If you pay the registration fee far in advance of a given race or ride, you are less likely to back out of it because you don’t want to waste the money (doubly so if your wife has any say in the matter – and she always does…).

Similarly, if you announce in a public forum (such as Twitter, Facebook, or on a blog) your intentions to follow a plan, you are far more likely to stick with it.

That is why I am taking this time to announce that I have registered for Round 3 of the 30 Days of Biking.

Hopefully, you are asking yourselves what the 30 Days of Biking is. If not, I hope you know already - and have signed up yourselves. If not, 30 Days of Biking is where you commit to ride your bike for 30 consecutive days - in this case from April 1st to April 30th. The only rule for 30 Days of Biking is that you bike every day for 30 days - around the block, 20 miles to work, in your basement. As long as your butt is on the saddle and you’re turning the pedals, it's all good.

Go to http://www.30daysofbiking.com/ to register. Once you start, you can share your adventures online, and read everyone else’s adventures too. If you are on the Twitter, you can also share your adventures using the hashtag #30daysofbiking.

What are you waiting for? It’s just like peer pressure. We’re all doing it, why don’t you too?

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