03 March 2011

New flavors of Nuun

My favorite hydration supplement is Nuun. I have been using their tablets for more than a year, and have enjoyed the not-too-sweet flavors, and the mild effervescence on many a bike ride.

At the Outdoor Retailer Winter show, Nuun introduced five new flavors to their existing lineup of Lime, Tri-Berry, Orange (formerly known as Orange-Ginger), Kona Cola, Citrus Fruit and Banananuun:
Fruit Punch: a fruit medley with a Nuun twist. Subtle berry and fruit notes hydrate with that clean Nuun finish

Strawberry Lemonade: ideal for hydrating under that hot sun, this flavor finds the perfect balance between a sweet strawberry and an ice-cold lemonade - minus the sugary mess

Tropical: an orchestra of mango, pineapple and coconut flavors flirt with the palate while hydrating the body

Grape: the Nuun interpretation of grape - subtle and smooth. It's crisp like white grapes and packed with electrolytes

Lemon Tea: the satisfying palate of tea, mixed with the just right amount of lemon and sweet. A refreshing alternative to high calorie drinks, it’s chock full of balanced electrolytes and offers a nice little zing of caffeine

(descriptions courtesy of Nuun)
They had the new flavors available to sample, and my favorite out of the new flavors was the Grape, followed by Tropical and Strawberry Lemonade. I should mention that Lemon Tea is the first Nuun to include caffeine

Nuun is expecting to release the new flavors some time next month.

You can find their existing flavors at bike shops almost everywhere, or online at http://www.nuun.com/

photo courtesy of Nuun

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