02 March 2011

Horrific Incident at Critical Mass in Brazil

This is absolutely horrific. At about 0:24 on the video, a car plows through the middle of the group of 100 or so riders. Thankfully and surprisingly, no one was killed, although several were critically injured.

The reports that I heard said that after he plowed through the group, the driver abandoned his car. I have also heard that the authorities have found the driver, and he is claiming - get this - that his actions were in self defense. WTH?!? Self defense? Apparently, according to the driver he and his teenage child were being attacked by the cyclists, so he acted in self defense.

The cyclists say that the driver started bumping the cyclists, so some of them knocked on his hood to tell them to give them space.

I don't care where you are from, using a car to run down a group of cyclists is NOT self-defense. It is outright attempted murder! I don't know what the laws in Brazil are, or what will happen in a situation like this, but I sincerely hope that this tool is punished for his actions.

Update: I understand from some news reports that the driver, Richard Neis, 47 is being investigated by the civil polie for attempted murder.

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