20 April 2011

1 Car = 10 Bikes

As far as parking is concerned, that is.

Salt Lake City, in an effort to be more bicycle friendly has installed the first two - of what hopefully will be many more - bike parking corrals in the downtown area.

the corral in front of the Twilite Lounge at 347 E 200 S

Currently the corrals - which take the space of one parking spot and turn it into bike parking for 10 bicycles - are located in front of Squatters Pub and Grill, and Twilite Lounge. Other businesses are slated to get corrals soon. There is no cost to the business to have the city put one in for them.

Squatters Pub at 147 W Broadway (300 S)

The corrals are seaonal. they will be in place from April to November.

Salt Lake City is trying hard to be bike friendly. First with the sharrows  - which have been expanded from the initial one block section on 200 s to several roads that are too narrow for separate bike lanes - and now this. Let's hope this momentum keeps going.

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Loving the Bike said...

Great to see this happening. I've heard that Austin is putting up more bike racks as well.....it's happening, right. Bikes are slowly taking over.