28 April 2011

Home Furnishings

I saw on twitter yesterday that someone was making chandeliers out of bike chains.

I shared this with the wife, who pointed out that while the craftsmanship was impressive, there aren't many people who have a house that a bicycle chain chandelier would work in.

It got me thinking. What would a house look like that a bicycle chain chandelier would be at home in?

Well, I would assume that it would have couches and chairs made out of bicycle saddles or wheels.

And  coffee tables and end tables like these

Of course, you need a clock so you know when it's time to go ride.

You would need some accent lights too.

Don't forget about the kitchen. A pot rack,

bar stools,

and a lazy susan.

And finally, the home office

Call it a hunch, but I feel these are some of the things you would find in a house with a bicycle chain chandelier.

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