04 May 2011

My Morning Commute

I love this time of year! Especially for biking.

My commute this morning was as close to perfect as it possibly could be. The temperature was cool, requiring a light jacket for comfort. The sky was almost light enough that my lights are no longer necessary – in fact, I covered up my lights with my hand while I was out in “no man’s land” and enjoyed the pre-dawn light. The air was clear and crisp, and the sky was that beautiful gradient of blue that you get just before dawn – from dark blue in the southwest to a pale blue in the east.

Mornings like this are magic! You get out on your bike, and immediately forget about all of your problems and worries. The world seems just a little better when you are riding. And it doesn’t end when you get off of your bike, you carry those good vibes with you throughout the day.

Get out and ride your bike!

Also, go check out my friends blog, Loving the Bike, and take the pledge.


Loving the Bike said...

Sweet goodness. Thanks for mentioning Loving the Bike and our pledge. It might be a little bold, but sometimes you just have to be like that, right.


Mom said...

Sounds wonderful. Almost makes me want to get out there on a bike ... almost!! Continue to enjoy!!

Love you. Mom