07 May 2011

Recycling Clif Bar Wrappers

I have never hidden my love for all things Clif, and I doubt that I am alone.

But, what to do with all of those wrappers? You want to be environmentally friendly (we're cyclists, after all) and keep additional waste out of our landfills.

Clif Bar has teamed up with TerraCycle to collect used energy bar wrappers - keeping them out of landfills. These wrappers will then be made to eco-friendly products. Also, $.02 from every wrapper will be donated to a nonprofit of your choice.

The process is simple. You sign up with TerraCycle, collect the wrappers and send them in (free shipping!), where they are upcycled into products from bags to park benches

Click here to sign up for the energy bar wrapper brigade.

1 comment:

Stamford Young said...

Great idea.. except they don't have any room for anyone else to join so it is not very helpful.