21 July 2011

A Change in Plans

I know that on Monday I posted my intent on riding (not racing, my whole goal would be to just finish) the Epic 200 in August. Well, plans have changed…

I am not wussing out. I fully intended to have a go at it. If I made it, great! If I made it 120 miles, I could live with that. I was going into this with zero expectations as to my performance.

What is influencing my decision is money.

The registration fee for the Epic 200 is $95, going up to $105 next week. I am not complaining about the cost – I understand fully that the registration fees go to cover the cost of the t-shirts, food, permits, insurance costs and other assorted fees that the event promoter has to pay in order to put on a ride. If they are very lucky, they may actually break even.

After discussing this with the wife, we just can’t justify the cost right now.

Riding your bike is relatively inexpensive – assuming you already have a bike. Riding your bike in an organized ride or race is not. Aside from the entry/registration fees, if the ride is out of town, you have to include gas, lodging and eating out to your monetary output.

A 200 mile ride is still on my bucket list. It will just have to wait till next year – and I plan on riding this next year. When I sit down to plan out 2012, the Epic 200 will be part of that plan, and I will register early – when we can still afford it.


ashley said...

Okay. I totally understand the cost thing. That's a bummer but it's good that you'll just put it off for a time when it's maybe a little more feasible.

Okay. Now I have an off-topic question for you. Well, kind of off-topic. Jarom really wants to get a bike that he can use for a while. Our problem is finding one big (strong?) enough for him. We've heard Giant is a good brand for bigger guys. He's 6'3" and weighs roughly 330. Do YOU know of a bike we should try? He wants to start biking while I run and plans on using our bike trailer a lot. Mostly roads. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. We don't really even know where to start. Been searching KSL but we don't really know what to look for. :) Thanks!

Todd J. Wente said...

I totally relate. Why don't I race? Time and money!

Kelly Hill said...

Sorry Hon. Sucks Rocks, I know. But I'm glad you understand. Next year will be awesome when you can do this ride!

Now go rob some sort of bank, would ya?