25 July 2011

Monday Grab Bag

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend, the Tour de France ended, with Cadel Evans on top of the GC rankings – the first Australian to win the Tour de France. Congrats to Cadel for a great win to what was a surprising and enjoyable race filled with crashes, upsets, no clear favorites, new heroes (Johnny Hoogerland, Thomas Voeckler) and (hopefully) no doping.

Only problem is, what am I supposed to do at work until the Vuelta starts on August 20th?

Here in Utah, Pioneer Day was yesterday. Pioneer Day, (aka, another reason to set off illegal fireworks) culminates in the Days of ’47 parade in downtown SLC, which is going on today this year. Unfortunately, my office sits right off the parade route. What that means is that getting into and out of my building is next to impossible until sometime well after noon – unless you arrive by bicycle...

The view from my building.

Since my bus doesn’t run on Pioneer day (observed or actual), I’ll usually drive into my mom’s house, and ride from there, a nice leasurely 12 mile trip. No fuss, no problems accessing my building.

Spudman is only 6 days away!

I feel good about the bike leg of the race - I actually installed some aero bars on the Fuji, and the course is pancake flat (only 164 ft of elevation gain). Should be nice and fast!

The running and swimming legs I don't feel so confident about. I've only been to the pool to swim laps a handful of times since last year, but I've been feeling pretty good the last couple of times I went.

Running on the other hand.... I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot sometime last year, and haven't been running hardly at all. I do have some 3M thinsulate insoles in my shoes that help cushion my foot. (I actually was given these by 3M for review at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, but haven't had a chance to provide a review yet) I am not sure if I'll be able to beat my mediocre time from last year, but I know that I will be able to finish.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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