19 June 2012

Bike Share coming to Salt Lake City: updated with Video!

In a press conference that is going on right now (no, I have to work, and cannot be there - except thru twitter) Mayor Ralph Becker is unveiling the plan for Salt Lake's Bike Share - which looks like it will be called Green Bike.

photo from DowntownSLC

What I have heard from the twitterverse, is that the program will officially kick off March 2013, and they are anticipating that it will be open for 9 months - from March to November (tentatively). It will kick off with a minimum of 100 bikes at 10 stations.

Corporate sponsors of the program are RioTinto, SelectHealth, Backcountry.com, Fidelity, Visit Salt Lake and LDS Hospital.

One note of interest is that SLCBikeShare will have a helmet sponsor - which is unique for SLC. I wonder how they will keep track of the helmets, and I don't know how excited I would be about using a "community helmet". Of course since I'm not there, I don't know if this has been addressed yet. **It appears that the helmets would be for those who purchase annual memberships, sponsored by LDS Hospital**

I'll update this post as I am able to get additional information.

mock-up of what the bikes should look like

Updated: check http://www.greenbikeslc.org/ for more information.

Updated, part deux: I found a video of the press conference on the YouTube today. Enjoy.

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