07 February 2013

Product Review: Fix It Sticks

I don't like to carry a whole lot with me when I'm riding - I'm the bare essentials kind of guy.

The other week, I received a new multi-tool in the mail for review. The unique thing about this tool, is that it takes minimalism to a whole new level.

Fix It Sticks are the creation of Brian Davis. He was looking for something that would provide the torque of the ubiquitous three-way wrench that we all have in our workshops or toolboxes, but was small enough to fit in a jersey pocket or seat bag.

Most roadside repairs - in fact the majority of simple bicycle maintenance - only requires a few tools. Fix It Sticks solve those problems by giving you 4 commonly used tools ( #4, #5, #6 metric hex bits, and a phillips head screwdriver) in two sticks that can be attached together in a t-handle shape for more torque, yet only takes up 4" x 1/2" when not in use. And there are no moving parts (the bits are non-removable), so nothing to get lost or come loose. All for less than 50 grams.

I was sent a prototype set of Fix It Sticks for review, and even though I haven't had a chance to use them on the bike or out on a ride yet, it doesn't mean that  they haven't seen some use. In fact they helped me make short work of disassembling my boys bunk beds last weekend.

There is currently a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production (currently at $32k of their 18k goal - congrats!) with an estimated shipping date in March. If you want to get in on it, there are only 8 more days left.

Small and light, with more torque than most of your regular tools. You may just want two, so you can keep one at your workbench.

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Unknown said...

I received a set via bikehacks.com after being a winner in a contest. Luckily I haven't had the need to do any roadside repairs, but I am confident in their capabilities and pleased with the design and how they fit in my saddle bag.