06 June 2011

What's in Your Seat Bag?

What’s in your bag?

Depending on who you ask, you could get any number of answers. What people carry in their seat bags varies greatly. Some cyclists don’t use a seat bag - instead they stuff their jersey pockets, or rely on support vehicles. Others are the envy of the Boy Scouts - they are prepared for anything and everything. They carry so much, they would be better off pulling a trailer behind them.

I tend toward the minimalist side of things when it comes to my seat bag, carrying only what I consider the bare necessities.

My bag contains :
  • tube
  • CO2 cartritge with a mini head
  • 1 tire lever (in case I can't remove the tire with my hands)
  • a Madsen Cycles mint tin that contains my patch kit (the following items)
  • $1 bill - as an emergency tire boot, or emergency money
  • patches (need to refill the kit, only 2 patches left)
  • sandpaper
  • patch glue
Where do you fall? Boy Scout, minimalist or somewhere in between?


Christopher Averett said...

2-CO2, tube, patch kit and tire lever.

331 Miles said...

semi-minimalist: 2 CO2, micro head, Crank Bros tool like yours, 2 tire levers, park tool boot, tube.

Chris said...

Aside from brand names, My seat pack contents are similar to yours, except I carry the Crank Bros 5 tool and two CO2 cartridges. The dollar bill is key.

Brent Maxwell said...

spare tube, patch kit, alien II multi-tool, spare SPD cleat, tire levers, adjustable wrench, mini vise-grips, spare derailleur cable...I think that's it...