14 May 2013

App of the Day: SpotCycle

Yesterday I talked about Salt Lake City’s new bike share, GreenBikeSLC.

Today, for the App of the Day, I want to introduce you to SpotCycle.

SpotCycle is a handy little app to have if you use a bike share system – and I mean almost any bike share system around the world. SpotCycle currently tracks bike share systems in 7 countries, and 23 US cities.

What do I mean by tracking? Well, imagine a scenario: You walk down to your nearest bike share station, only to find out that all the bikes are checked out from that station, or the station is currently off-line. To make matters worse, you don’t know where the next nearest station is, and you are already running late...

When you select a city, SpotCycle will tell you where the bike share stations are located, how many bikes are currently racked and how many docks are free. You can list the 10 nearest stations by distance, number of bikes, free docks, or alphabetical. You can also view a GPS based map showing the stations with the number of bikes available at each one. You can set the refresh data rate from 15 seconds to manual.

Another nice feature of the app is a rental timer. Since most bike shares work on a 30 minute rental timer, you can set the timer on the app (it defaults to 25 minutes) so you can make sure you’re to a station before your time’s up.

You can also create a route, tag points of interest along your route, and share routes with others.

SpotCycle is available for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile devices. Best of all, it's free!

Definitely a must-have if you use a bike share system.

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