28 September 2016

Interbike 2016: A Video Odyssey

Instead of doing a long, drawn-out post for Interbike this year, I decided to play with iMovie and create a short video with a long, drawn out description of what I saw and rode. Enjoy!

In the video:

-more Van Dessel WTF (yes, I like this bike. Alot)
-Surly Krampus (yes, I like Surly bikes too)
-State Bicycle Co. showing off their Simpsons branded paint scheme
-Oyama folding bikes. A newcomer in the folding bike market - that has been making folding bikes for 50 years. 
-Hyper BMX bikes (my 13yo son is a fan of their bikes)
-T-Shirts by Pedal Pushers Club
-Still more Van Dessel (get over it)
-Jelly Belly team Car and Tim Jackson doing his best Vanna White at the Inno booth
-Headsweats Bigfoot collection (just for my 18yo, who we affectionately call "Squatch") 
-Shirts from Handlebar Mustache
-Schiller water bike
-Ride Bikes, Drink Coffee, Listen to Johnny Cash. Need we say more?
-Movie night: American Flyers starring Kevin Costner's porn stache
-Showers Pass CEO, Kyle Ranson showing off the new Hi-Vis Torch jacket
-Raleigh Stuntman All-road bike
-Offerings must be made to the Gods of Speed
-Fix-It Sticks and their new mounting bracket
-Advocate Cycles Lorax - 100% of profits for Advocacy, Because  Bikes.
-Beautiful lugwork on a Voodoo Cycles frame
-Fun helmet cover (can't remember the company name for the life of me, thought it would be fun for -the Mobile Social)
-Ryan Williams, some schlub who thinks he can write, and Travis Pastrana.
-Denise Mueller, women's bicycle land speed record holder (147mph) and her bike
-Chris Chance and his 1998 Fat Chance Ti
-Cyclelogical Transformer frame/messenger bag
and, to finish off the video, some pics and video from the Bike Hugger Mobile Social and a healthy breakfast for the drive home.

Some of these items will make a return in a full review. I hope you enjoyed a brief look at interbike.

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