29 September 2016

The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades - A Lot of Them

I love sunglasses, no big bombshell there. I've mentioned that a time or two before.

I've also mentioned that my sunglasses collection is bordering on the obscene in quantity. I've managed to pick up a pair or two over the years that I've mishandled this blog. Most of the time, the glasses are tucked away in a drawer, and there they stay - except for a select few that are considered "favorites".

I decided earlier this summer that this was not acceptable. Why have them if you never wear them? So, I wore them. Each pair had their time in the sun.

Each commute, I grabbed a different pair and wore them on the bike to work. I also took a selfie, because if it isn't on social media, it didn't happen. And because nothing is more boring than looking at numerous pictures of my face, along with the fact that yesterday I discovered the joys of iMovie, I created a short movie of the escapade.

After watching that, I've noticed that I make funny faces when I'm taking a selfie on the bike.

The sunglasses in order:

-Smith Optics Trace (discontinued model)
-Bollé 6th Sense
-Guidelines Del Mar
-One by Optic Nerve Freestyle
-Bollé Jude
-Oakley Fast Jacket (with Transitions lenses)
-Switch Sunglasses B7
-Bollé Bolt
-Optic Nerve (can't remember the model, I've had these for a while and the name has rubbed off the temple)
-Optic Nerve Vapor
-Smith Optics Pivlock V2
-Switch Sunglasses Lycan
-Vintage Rudy Project 1986 UCI World Champion Edition (obviously these I didn't get at Interbike or Outdoor Retailer. Every so often you need to rock it old school)
-Optic Nerve Boneyard (discontinued model)
-Bollé Keelback
-Adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

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