05 December 2016

Product Review: Cycloc Wrap

Today's commute was cold. Not the coldest that I've experienced during my time commuting in winter, but still cold.

Not wanting to roll up my pant legs to expose my bare skin to the bitter wind, I grabbed a product I received at Interbike for just such a purpose.

The Cycloc Wrap is a surprisingly simple device. One of those things that make you think "Why didn't I think of this."

Basically, It is a wide rubber strap with a hole at one end, and a plastic button at the other. There are some other holes so you can adjust the size of the wrap. 

What can you do with it? What do you need to do? It can be used to cuff your pant leg to keep it out of the sprocket, which is what I used it for this morning. 

It can be used to secure a load to your rack, You can use it to secure the front tire to the frame while your bike is in a workstand or on a rack, If it is not long enough, you can hook multiple Wraps together, etc... 

To further the functionality to their form, the holes are large enough to fit a U-lock, so if you don't want to stuff them in a pocket when you arrive at your destination (not like they are bulky or anything), you can lock them up. 

They retail for $14.99. More information can be found at www.cycloc.com

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