06 May 2008

My favorite ride

Last night, I went on what has become my favorite ride this year. It wasn't any epic distance - in fact it was only 2.5 miles long. What made it my favorite ride, is who I rode with. After we got the kids in bed, Kelly and I went for a bike ride. This is the first ride that she has taken with me in several years. We rode through the neighborhood, and on the bike paths around the next neighborhood over. We had a great time, laughing and riding in the almost-dark around town. As I told her last night, and I know she mentioned this on her blog, but it doesn't matter how long the ride, or how fast you go, the most enjoyable, and most memorable rides have more to do with who is on the ride. I hope she will be willing to go out again...


Kelly Hill said...

Ahhhh, that's so sweet! Thanks, Hon! It's been two nights in a row now, it seems to be a habit already! ;) I'll try my best but BOY do my feet and tushy hurt! Hopefully soon I'll have callouses to replace the tender areas. Ha!

Thanks for enjoying our time together even though it's not about speed or distance! And stop shining your headlight on my rump! The deal was to ride at night so no one could see my fat butt on a bike, but now you ride behind me with a light blaring up my rump. Stop it!!!!!

Love you. k

Bike Junkie said...

You know, they say that you need to do something for 3 weeks before it becomes habit! By then, I'll bet you have some good callouses!