13 June 2008

I will probably be sore on Sunday

Less than 24 hours from now I will be suffering. Why, you may ask? Well at this time tomorrow I will be somewhere on the backroads of Cache county, on my bicycle pedaling towards oblivion, or 100 miles. Whichever comes first. Yes, the Tour de Cure is finally here. Months and months of planning and preparation comes to a head tomorrow. This year, like last I have been a part of the planning committee responsible for bringing this to reality. fortunately my position on the committee still allows me to ride on Saturday.

Part of the reason I will be suffering, is that I haven't been riding very much this year, and no matter how you look at it, 100 miles is a FREAKIN' long distance! Still I am doing this for a good cause - raising money for the American Diabetes Association which since I have friends and family members who have diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, is something that I believe in strongly. I will give a post-ride update when we get back home from Brigham City. Until then, keep the rubber side down, and enjoy the ride!

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