04 June 2008

New weight loss plan!

For those of my loyal readers who follow this blog, and are aware that I have a twitter feed on the side of the page (For those of you who are not aware of the twitter feed, go ahead and take a look at it. We'll wait for you), you may have noticed that my weekly weight twitters have been getting larger in number, not smaller. There is a profoundly simple explanation for that, I am a pig who hasn't been riding his bike, and has been eating way too much recently.

Because I apparently am lacking in self control right now, I have come up with a new weight loss plan. The reason I am telling you, is that you, my dear readers (yes, both of you) are going to play an integral part to this plan. Here it is: If you see me eating something that is not good for me, or you see me going back for seconds, you have permission to slap me. Maybe the threat of bodily harm will get me back on track, or at least it may get my attention after the first couple of beat-downs. Hopefully after the plan has been in effect for a few weeks, I will be able to post smaller numbers on twitter.

1 comment:

Kelly Hill said...

More excited than words can say.......

See you tonight at pizza! ;)