08 June 2008


My posting has been a little thin the past few weeks. I have found it really hard to keep up on 3 different blogs. I have posts that I am working on for all of them, I just don't have the time or energy, it seems, to keep up. Please be patient. I will try to post more, and more frequently.

I was actually able to get out and ride yesterday. I needed to go into town to pick up my team kit for the Bike Peddler/Utah Velo Club team for the Tour de Cure this Saturday (the 14th.) and I decided that I needed to ride my bike there. I don't know, it seemed fitting to ride my bike to pick up something bike-related. Anyways. I had a good ride there, nothing of incident to report. I get to the shop, and one of my friends who works at another bike shop, Timpanogos Cyclery is working there today (both shops are owned by the same guy) . I talk to my friend, and he actually upgraded my shorts from regular to bib shorts, without charging me any additional. A couple of things here; it is really good to get to know your local bike shop employees, sometimes you get little perks that you wouldn't normally get, and bib shorts are worth it. If I had a favorites list, I would have to add bib shorts to that list, along with my timbuk2 bag. On the way back I found that I had a slow leak in my rear tire. I stopped by a new bike shop in Saratoga Springs, Epic Biking and pumped up my tires to try to make it the remaining 12 miles home. I didn't make it, unfortunately. I ended up stopping 2 more times, and using the rest of a c02 cylinder I had in my bag. With about 5 miles to go, I threw in the towel, and called Kelly to come get me. I decided that the tire wouldn't last, and I didn't want to waste another c02 cylinder changing my tire on the side of the road. So, it was a 35 mile day, instead of a 40 mile day. Oh well, at least I made it out.

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Kelly Hill said...

Go Kelly!!! She's one amazing wife to stop everything she's doing (email & blog stuff... in her jammies...) to save your fanny. She didn't even wear shoes! She could have gone back to bed for a nap but she opted to come to your rescue instead. She's really something!!! Gosh, I love her!

lyk ;)