08 July 2008


As I mentioned yesterday, I have the tour on TV this year, so I can watch each stage when I get home from work each night and revel in cycling goodness to my heart's content.
Sunday I made the mistake of checking my email and blogs before I had a chance to watch the stage, so I found out that Hushovd won the stage before I had a chance to watch it. Not a big deal, the stage was still great to watch, but I found myself looking for Hushovd at the end of the stage, instead of watching the event unfold.
Yesterday I made a point of avoiding any source of cycling news so I would be surprised by the finish. The only thing I heard was from one of my friends I work with, he said that I would be very happy with the finish, and that the Yellow Jersey would be changing hands. So, I come home from shopping with my kids for Kelly's birthday -- that is a story waiting to be told, on my other blog in the near future -- And sat down to watch some of Stage 3 before I had to go to bed. I finished it up this morning - up until the last 3 km when the recording stopped!?!?! out of a 206 km stage, my DVR stops with only 3km to go!
It seems that the coverage of the stage went longer than the 3 hours Versus had allotted for it yesterday morning, so I missed the final sprint, and the end of the stage, and the podium coverage, etc... And with the way my stupid DVR works, if it thinks that something is a repeat of a previously recorded item, it will skip it, even if you tell it to record all events under that title or category. So, today I went in and manually told it to record the next 3 hours as well, just in case this happens again. AAARRRGH!!!!

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