16 July 2008

Safety is sexy!

I stumbled across the blog, Safety is sexy, recently. The purpose of the blog is to promote wearing a helmet when you are on your bike. To that end, you can email them for free "you'd look hotter in a helmet" stickers, or order other merchandise from their site. I emailed them for a free sticker, and they sent me 4.

I put my sticker on my car's bike rack fairing, along with every other bike-related sticker that I own, and gave the other stickers to my kids, because kids love stickers. Jackson, that funny kid, placed his in a very appropriate place.

I think that it is hilarious that a 5 year-old's bike is sporting a "you'd look hotter in a helmet" sticker on it's downtube.

Helmet use is something that we have stressed with our kids since the very beginning. They know that you don't get on your bike without a helmet on. Jackson will even comment about people on bikes - or even motorcycles that don't have a helmet on when we are driving down the road, saying that they aren't smart.

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Kelly Hill said...

I'm so glad our kids are into safety. It really makes such a difference to teach them from the beginning and to be consistent. They've never complained about helmets or seatbelts or anything else. It's the parents who enforce it half time that have the problems. Aren't your kids worth keeping safe and healthy??

Happy Jack is hilarious and it only makes sense that his bike would have that sticker! Not that he knows what it means!

Love you, Hon!! Thanks for teaching our kids about bike safety!