17 July 2008

The same old Tour, unfortunately...

No matter how much changes, some things remain the same. We are 11 stages into the 2008 Tour de France - supposedly the cleanest Tour in years, with more testing, and more hype about the testing than ever before. Yet here we are with 3 riders kicked out of the tour, and suspended by their teams for "non-negative" test results for EPO and one team voluntarily withdrawing in disgrace because their star rider, who had a couple of stage wins this year was one of the three.

For those of you who aren't watching or following the tour this year (What's your excuse, hon, I have it on DVR - thanks, BTW!) here is the 'dis-honor" roll, so far:

Manuel "Triki" Beltran (Quickstep)
Moises Duenas Nevado (Barloworld)
Riccardo Ricco (Saunier-Duval Scott)

Ricco was found using CERA (Continuous Erythropoietin Receptor Activator), a newer variant of EPO.

What are these guys thinking? Are they actually that stupid? Drug testing this year has increased considerably, Most of the riders have been poked and prodded at this point in the race several times, and that is not including any poking and prodding being done on the team level. Is it really worth it? I'm sure there are ways to mask doping, but why take the chance? Depending on their B sample results, these 3 are facing being sacked by their teams, suspension from racing for 2 years, an additional 2 years suspension before they can ride for a pro-tour team, and possible prison time under French law, not to mention having to pay stiff fines.

Unfortunately, I fear that this is not the end of the list for this year.

Is it really worth it?

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Kelly Hill said...

UNBELIEVABLE!! You'd think these idiots would learn. It's SO not worth it! Fools.

You're welcome, I love to make you happy! lyk