29 September 2008

Bikes on Trax

Today I took my bike on Trax for the first time.

I needed to get the oil changed in my car. When we purchased the car, we got a package deal from the dealership that they would change the oil and rotate the tires for free. The problem is it isn't convenient to get to them because of where they are (Sandy Auto Mall) compared to where we live (middle of nowhere - Eagle Mountain) during the week, and most weekends. And since my mom works for the state and now works 4x10's, it isn't convenient for her to meet me at the dealership and give me a ride to and from work.

But I still needed to get an oil change. What to do, what to do...

Suddenly it hit me, take the bike. The dealership is about 1.5 miles from the 10000 S. Trax station, and my office is 2 1/2 blocks from either the Library station, or the Gallivan Plaza station.

So, I left a little earlier, dropped the car off at the dealership, and hit the road for the Trax station. At that point, I encountered a small problem - nothing too serious (fortunately) but something I will have to take care of next time I do this. I didn't take into account how dark it would still be at 6:30 am, and I didn't bring any lights. I didn't have any problem seeing, but carrying a black bag, and wearing a grey hoodie I'm sure that I wasn't terribly visible to the cars. Because of poor planning, I was a bike ninja for my ride in this morning.

I arrived without incident at the Trax station, got on the train car with my bike, and set off. I had to stand the whole way, but no other bikes got on at my door, so I was by myself. I didn't think to take any pictures, as I was listening to my mp3 player on the train. I will try to take some on the way home and add them to the post. I got off the train downtown, quick ride to the office and here in plenty of time for work. Gotta love mass transit!

So, no pictures on the ride home either. I ran into one of my cycling friends from work waiting with his bike to get on the train, and ended up talking to him all the way to my stop. The train was much more crowded on the way home, in fact we had to let a train go by because there wasn't any room for people, let alone bicycles on it.

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