09 October 2008

Cycling around Twin Falls, Idaho

This past weekend we took a family trip to Twin Falls for the wedding of Kelly's nephew. I took the bike, and actually was able to get out on a couple of quick rides around Twin Falls. The weather was perfect, if not just a little chilly.

The view from the top of the gorge down to the Snake River. I thought of riding down there, but the 10% grade that I would have to climb back up made me change my mind. I know, wuss!

The Twin Falls Temple.

Hey, they still have drive-in theaters in Twin. Cool!

The view from the fields and farmlands about 5-6 miles south of town.

What you are supposed to be looking at in this picture is not my ugly mug, but the mound of dirt behind me to my right. That mound is where Evel Knevel made his failed attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon back in the 70's. This is as close as you can get to the site, since it is on private property.

Looking down at Shoshone Falls and Dirkes lake.

Bike lanes! Woo hoo! On this stretch, the road was chip-sealed, but the bike lane wasn't. It made for some smoother riding. Not far from here, I flatted out, and had to call Kelly for an emergency sag back to the hotel since I used my co2 to try and limp back.

Twin Falls' one and only bike shop.

I saw this while out riding, and it struck me funny. Normally if you saw a place named the Garden Cafe, you would think that it would be a vegetarian restaurant. Not in this case. Notice the bottom sign...

Check out Kelly's blog for some more pictures of our trip. She should have them up soon.

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