08 October 2008

Two more for EPO!

Two more dim bulbs were found to be running on CERA (the new and improved version of EPO) at this year's Tour de France. Gerolsteiner's Stefan Schumacher and Saunier Duval's Leonardo Piepoli. Schumacher won both of the time trial stages in this year's tour, and Piepoli won one stage, and helped his teammate, and fellow doper Ricardo Ricco (is anyone surprised at this point?) win two stages.

Because it is prettier, and because my daughter is taking french in school this term, here is my opinion of these two in the language of the Tour de France. (courtesy of babelfish, so don't be mad at me if there are syntax and grammatical errors).

Ces deux sont complètement stupides, et ils méritent d'être jetés hors de la pro excursion. Comment tout à fait idiot pouvez-vous être?


Keni said...

hey daddy i know i am taking french but all i got from that was stupid and idiot. so would you mind telling me what it means?? thanx. lyl.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Keni. I got that much and something about for the excursion. (And I haven't taken French!)