13 October 2008

If it's time for the Josie Johnson ride, it must be snowing.

And it was. Once again I was standing at 10:30 Saturday Morning, in the snow, waiting for the 5th annual Josie Johnson memorial ride to start. I have attended this ride for the past 3 years, each time accompanied by weather most sane people would be indoors during - last year had to be the topper, with bitter cold, and rain/sleet/snow of the variety that will instantly render whatever you are wearing to a waterlogged, dripping mess.

This year, About a hundred cyclists started off in a light snow, that left the roads wet, and stopped almost as quickly as it came. Unfortunately the snow wasn't replaced with sun and warmer temperatures. Due to a quick packing job earlier in the morning, and trying to hustle my boys to the car so I could drop them at their grandmothers I ended up at Sugarhouse park with only one glove. Fortunately I still had my glove liners, and REI was there giving out hand warmers, so I survived.

For those of you who don't know what the Josie ride is, it is an annual ride to honor and remember all of the cyclists killed by automobiles during the past year. It is named in honor of Josie Johnson, and medical student who was killed in 2004 while riding her bike up Big Cottonwood canyon. It is also a ride of awareness, reminding motorists and cyclists alike that bicycles are allowed on the roads by the law, and also by law, we are allowed 3 feet clearance by cars. It is sponsored in part by the Utah Bike Coalition, a non-profit advocacy group.

Before the ride, we listened to speeches by Democratic Gubernatorial candidate, Bob Springmeyer, and Mayors Peter Corroon, and Ralph Becker. At the end of the ride (which was the half-way point for those of us who parked our cars back at Sugarhouse park,) we listened to the mayors of Cottonwood and Holiday, and speeches by two of cyclists who were struck by cars this past year - including Andy Chapman, who was struck last month by an uninsured motorist in American Fork. After a moment of silence to remember those of us who had fallen in the past 18 months, we headed back to our cars and homes. After a brief stop at the local Chevron for a hot chocolate and carrot cake Clif bar (my new favorite flavor), I was on my way home. For some more coverage of the ride, click here, and here. I didn't take many pictures, but I will post them later.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a picture and article in the Trib today, and I would swear I could even pick out a rider that I thought was you. Glad it wasn't quite as cold as last year !