13 October 2008

Interview with Bob Springmeyer

Bob Springmeyer is the Democratic canditate for Governor of Utah. I had the opportunity to ask some questions of Mr. Springmeyer. The questions and answers have been copied from my email, complete with typos and errors. The only change was to post Mr. Springmeyer's answers in italics.

Thank you very much for your time. I would like to start off with the basic questions; How long have you been cycling?
Like most of us I had a well loved Schwin growing up.
I started "cycling" (road biking) while in High School as training for ski racing. I had an alpine geared (15 speed triple) French Raphael Geminiani that I bought for $100 from Fisher Cycling in Sugarhouse.

How long have you been involved with cycling advocacy? and What got you involved with cycling advocacy?
Four Years - the death of Josie Johnson

Cycling throughout Utah, and pretty much the rest of the United States has increased over the past year, partly because of the increase in gas prices, but also because people are more health-conscious. How do you see the state the increase of cyclists in the future?
Cycling is a terrific activity and I see it growing both for transportation as well as recreation.

Utah was one of the first states to enact the Three-foot-law. Is there any more cycling-related legislation that you would like to see in place?
Yes, Utah needs to do more to make cycling safer and more accessible both through the "Complete Streets" program as well as "Safe Routes to Schools".

Utah was rated as #11 in the League of American Bicyclists most Bicycle Friendly States list. What will you do if elected Governor, to increase or placement on that list in future years?
I will create a "Governor's Cycling Advisory Committee" and work to promote the following:
Complete Streets
Safe Routes to Schools
Blue Ribbon Cycling Routes
Promotion of recreational cycling tours in Utah
Cycling competitions
Financial support of rural county investigations and prosecutions of vehicle/cycling accidents

Portland is widely recognized as the cycling capitol of the United States. What do you feel needs to happen in Salt Lake City, and Utah to put us in the same category as Portland?
In addition to the above listed I will actively participate and support cycling in Utah. The more people who cycle the safer and more accepted it will be.

I keep a bicycle in my office downtown to use to ride to the bank, appointments and other events. I take it with me on TRAX. I will set an example for other professionals to do the same, just like Europe and Japan where it is normal to see a bank president or business executive riding a bicycle. My "office bicycle" has fenders, a full chain guard, platform pedals and a sealed three speed gearing - it is a copy of a "Classic Dutch Bicycle".

I have promised to ride my bicycle to my Inauguration as Governor.


Bob Springmeyer

We need change both Up and Down.

Thank you again to Mr. Springmeyer.

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Kelly Hill said...

Excellent! Your questions were well thought out and his answers were as well. I enjoyed reading this interview. Go cyclists!!!