24 October 2008


Two weeks ago, when I was riding in the rain at the Josie Johnson ride, I heard my bottom bracket make that squealing, grinding noise that bottom brackets are not supposed to make. It had been a couple of years since I had been in there (I know, bad me) and I figured that the grease was gone and the bb was toast.

Well, there was still enough grease, but it was real dirty. And when I cleaned off the old crud, I found that the bb was also dead. Both the races and the spindle were pitted and scored. I did get the bottom bracket used from a friend, and it probably wasn't in the best shape back then, but this still meant a new bb.

So, after a visit to eBay, I have a new bb on the way. I also decided to upgrade to a compact crankset. I will post pictures when they arrive. Until then, I will still ride - I can't hurt the old bb more than it already is.

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