22 October 2008

Wednesday afternoon ride

I took the day off from work today. My sweet, sweet wife, Kelly left last night for her girl's weekend at the rock house with her aunt, and my mom wasn't able to come out until tonight to help with the kids. No, I don't need help wrangling my kids, she has tons more vacation than I do, and it's easier for her to take the time off that it is for me.
So, I got the older two kids up, fed, and booted out the door. That left just my kindergartner, Jack and me. He has afternoon kindergarten, and doesn't leave until 12:30. He also really likes to ride his bike to school. Sensing an opportunity, I kitted up, grabbed my road bike, and off we rode to school. I'm pretty sure that I got more than one questioning stare from the soccer moms in their assault SUV's seeing me drop my boy off to school in full Lycra, but I learned to ignore that sort of stuff long ago. After he went in to his class, I headed out for a nice 2 hour ride. Sure, I could have come home and cleaned the house, or taken a nap. but It was a beautiful 50 degrees and sunny, and really, what would have you done? Now for a nice post ride diet Pepsi and a shower.

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Kelly Hill said...

What would I have done??!? Hmmm, that's a tough one.