30 November 2008

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From cyclingnews.com:

Cavendish injures self with "Wii" game

Mark Cavendish is a two-time track World Champion and had the most victories of any rider in the peloton in the 2008 season, but he has come to woe in the
off-season because, of all things, of a computer game.
He was playing a snowboarding game on his Nintendo Wii console when he fell from the board and hurt his calf muscle. "It's a pain, but it's a minor injury in the off-season and not a huge problem," Cavendish told eurosport.uk.
The 23-year-old sprinter still plans to join his Team Columbia teammates at a training camp on the island of Mallorca this week, where he will no doubt be the subject of jokes and comments.

"No doubt be the subject of jokes and comments"? Of course he will. This is one of those accidents you make up some action-packed story of rescuing kitties and old ladies from burning trees to tell your friends so they don't find out how big of a clutz you really are.

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Kelly Hill said...

I've never heard about an old lady being stranded in a tree?!?

I would have DEFINITELY made up a better story than that one!