18 December 2008

Bloggers block

I hate it when I either can't come up with a blog post idea, or have an idea that sounds great in my head, but when I put it down on the screen, it just sounds dumb. The latter is what I am dealing with right now. I had an idea to write a post about bicycle shops being my "happy place", but when I got it out, it just didn't work. This is the second time I have tried to compose a post regarding bike shops. In my head it sounds like it would be a great post idea, but it just isn't working.

It's not like I have any obligation to produce a specific number of posts a week, but I don't like to go too many days without posting something. This week hasn't been terribly exciting, so there is nothing really blog-worthy to write about. There isn't anything really interesting to talk about in the world of Professional cycling either; The Pro-tour teams have been announced for the Tour of California, and unsurprisingly, Lance and Astana will be participating. Doping rears it's ugly head twice again with the announcements that Piepoli will be given a two year ban for being stupid - I mean doping - during the Tour de France, and Schumacher is suing the French anti-doping authorities for defamation, saying he didn't take CERA, and the two positive tests, on two separate occasions were wrong.

On the home-front, it is finally snowing, which means my self-imposed banishment to the basement is now justified. If only I was down there riding. I have slacked off this past week, not willing to wake up at the unholy hour of 4:00 and subjugate myself to the gods of cycling for an hour in the morning before work.

So, instead of posting about what I originally intended, I turned my complaining about having bloggers block into a new post. Funny how things work out.

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