19 December 2008

Rock Racing

There has been talk about wether or not Rock Racing will be around next year. Depending on what you read, some sources have the chain around the front door already, and others are reporting that this is only a minor bump on the road, and Rock Racing will be back next year as strong as ever. You can read some about it here, here and at Rock Racing's site.

I am not here to add to the speculation of wether they will be around tomorrow or not. I only give you this:

Rock Racing team caravan at the 2008 Tour of Utah - consisting of a huge motorhome, a semi-thing, two Cadallac Esclades, and another Cadallac car.

Everybody else at the race. The next largest team caravan was Garmin-Chipotle with a Dodge Sprinter van, and a station wagon.

I am not a math genius, but i'm pretty certain you would have to sell quite a few $300 jeans to pay for all of this.

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Yokota Fritz said...

RR's HUGE entourage gets everybody's attention, doesn't it? Everybody else has tiny travel trailers and small cars, while RR has these monstrous RVs and Cadillac Escalade SUVs tagging along as team support cars.

Thanks for the link love!