13 January 2009

Did you know that...

-- 20 bicycles can be parked in the same space taken up by one car?
-- cycling regularly can make you as fit as an average person who is 10 years younger?
-- red lights are also for cyclists? Don't jump the lights; it's illegal, dangerous and bad for the image of cycling.
-- riding with your hands wide on top of the bars when climbing reduces breathing restriction?
-- moderate pedaling on a downhill will help get rid of lactic acid buildup and make your legs fresher than if you just coasted down?
-- riding on painted lines when they are wet from the rain can be as difficult as cycling on ice?
-- the distance of 12 full links from pin to pin on a new chain is exactly 12", and that it should be replaced if longer than 12 1/8" or more?
-- a water bottle can be cleaned by using a denture cleansing tablet? Fill it up with hot water, add a tablet and soak overnight.
-- a dollar bill or an energy bar or gell wrapper can be used to temporarily patch a slashed tire sidewall? Fix or change the tube, put the wrapper in the tire and inflate; the pressure will keep everything in place and get you home.
-- a pair of rubber exam gloves take no room in your saddle bag and keep your hands clean when doing roadside repairs.
-- you should not wear underwear underneath your cycling shorts.
-- padded shorts are your best friends, Chamois Butter and Bodyglide are next?
-- you should drink a little water regularly, even if not thirsty, to prevent dehydration and increase your performance?
-- if you help someone in need, someone will do the same for you when you need assistance - give a tube, it will get back to you at some point?

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