30 March 2009

I'm gonna do it!

On Saturday, I talked about Phil Keoghan and his ride across America. In that post I said that you could register to ride with him at each leg of his journey, and the closest he was coming to my little corner of the world was Cedar City, Utah – a four hour drive away.

I also mentioned that, as fate would have it, I have April 2nd off from work.

What I haven’t mentioned is how patient and understanding my beautiful wife is in regards to my wild, half-cocked ideas. She knows how much I would enjoy something like this, so she is going to let me go! Yes, you read correctly, I am going down to ride with Phil Keoghan on Thursday! Since it is a four hour drive, and registration for the ride begins at 8:00am. I am driving down Wednesday night and plan on sleeping in the van in a nearby parking lot.

This will be me, except in a van, not a tent.

Have I mentioned how understanding my wife is? She is not only letting me go, but she is letting me take “her” vehicle down there. Yep, I got myself a good woman there!

I have printed off and signed my registration forms already. I just need to go home and start getting stuff ready. I have a feeling that the first three days of this week are going to be some very, very long days.

signed and ready to go!

I really hope that there is an opportunity to take pictures, even if there isn’t expect a post-ride report Friday or Saturday.


Kelly Hill said...


I'm glad you're going to take advantage of this... in lieu of actual presents even! I love seeing you happy. I wish we could afford a hotel, but you'll be fine. Just take some big rocks with you in case someone tries to break into the Hill Mobile. ; )

Love you!!!!!!!! k

Mom said...

You can always take along that trusty baseball bat you used to have to scare away burglers, etc. Kelly is much more understanding than I would be...in fact, I'm not sure I like the idea of you going there alone !!?!