05 April 2009

My ride with Phil, or, How I spent my birthday.

I mentioned in the last post that I was going to go down to Cedar City and ride with Phil Keoghan. Well, I did. Here are some pictures from the trip... I only had my cell phone with me to take pictures, so I apologize for the quality. And I took a ton of pictures, so I'm sorry for the length of this post.

I left after work on Wednesday the 1st. Here I am on the way down.

Home sweet home - for the night. I didn't want to spring for a hotel room, so I camped in the van in the Wal-Mart parking lot. It was COLD the next morning.

Happy Birthday to me! Kelly gave me a pack of Ding-Dongs for my birthday cake. Mmmm. Breakfast!

Quite a lot of people showed up to see Phil. One lady brought the Amazing Race board game for him to sign.

He arrived around 8:35

Cedar City welcomed him with the SUU marching band,

a madrigal choir from one of the local high schools,

and cheerleaders from SUU.

Phil thanked us for all coming out to see him, and he explained why he was doing this. Then he mingled with the crowd, and did several interviews with some local TV news crews.

I was finally able to get my picture taken with Phil.

and I even got him to sign my jersey.

I did not tell him what to write.

This is Phil's Dad, John Keoghan. He is driving the truck across the country following Phil.

More pictures tomorrow...

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