13 August 2009

Keni's first Triathlon!

Last weekend, my 14-year-old daughter ran her first triathlon, the Bountiful Triathlon. As a proud father, I had to take some pictures, and brag about her accomplishment.

Getting there. The morning was overcast and raining. Fortunately, by the time the race started, it stopped raining and cleared up.
Going through registration.

Gettin ink'd

Keni had some friends racing with her. This is one of her Young Women leaders, Brittany Benion. Her and her husband Adam were racing.

Keni's pit crew(her little brother, Jackson) making sure her bike and equipment were laid out for a quick transition.

This triathlon was backwards, with the run first and the swim last. The gun has gone off, and here she comes...

.. and there she goes.

5K later, here she comes.

Transition 1

off she goes on her 20K bike ride.
It is at about this time, that the batteries in our camera died. Kelly and the grandparents went in to the pool so they would be certain to be there for her finish, so I didn't have a camera for her coming back or T-2. Probably just as well, she got lost on the course (the course marshalls had decided that there was no one else coming before she got there, and left, so her and another girl made a wrong turn. Also the other girl got a flat, and neither of them remembered how to fix it. Needless to say, Keni wasn't feeling in the mood to get her picture taken when she came back in.

Final leg, the swim. 350m.

20 ft to the finish!

She did it! Her first triathlon! 2:12:29. Not a bad time for her first go, especially after getting lost and trying to help someone else with a flat.

Can't say it any better. Way to go Keni! Next time, I'm going to do it with her.

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