10 August 2009

One rider out, another one in.

Yesterday, news came down that the crash Taylor Phinney was involved in at last month's Cascade Classic was worse than they thought. What was orginally thought to be a concussion turned out to be a spinal fracture after followup x-rays were examined.

"So...turns out I broke my dorsal spine of my C5 vertebra,” Phinney announced on his Twitter account. “Explains a lot. No Tour of Utah for me!"
Sad to hear that Taylor won't be racing in the Tour of Utah this year, but good that they found the fracture before any permanent damage was done. Go to the VeloNews article for more information.

Now for the good news. Another pro cyclist announced on Twitter today that he will be racing in the Tour of Utah.

Yep. Dave Zabriskie, local boy currently on the Garmin Slipstream squad will be racing once again in his home town.

It's going to be a good race.

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