18 August 2009

Tour of Utah - Prologue

Here are the standings after the Prologue:

1;2;"BOOKWALTER Brent";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";0:06:12;0:00:00;
2;19;"ZABRISKIE David";"Garmin Slipstream";0:06:14;0:00:02;
3;5;"MCKISSICK Ian";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";0:06:14;0:00:02;
4;34;"JACQUES-MAYNES Ben";"Bissell Pro Cycling";0:06:15;0:00:03;
5;1;"LOUDER Jeff";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";0:06:16;0:00:04;
6;7;"BARTON Chris";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";0:06:17;0:00:05;
7;41;"MANCEBO PEREZ Francisco";"Rock Racing";0:06:17;0:00:05;
8;86;"SERGENT Jesse";"U23 Trek-LIVESTRONG";0:06:18;0:00:06;
9;126;"FREY Nick";"Ciclismo Racing";0:06:20;0:00:08;
10;35;"ZIRBEL Tom";"Bissell Pro Cycling";0:06:20;0:00:08;
50;56;"LANDIS Floyd";"OUCH Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis";0:06:36;0:00:24;
56;37;"SWINDLEHURST Burke";"Bissell Pro Cycling";0:06:37;0:00:25;

Best Utah Rider
1;19;"ZABRISKIE David";"Garmin Slipstream";0:06:14;0:00:00;

Best Young Rider
1;7;"BARTON Chris";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";0:06:17;0:00:00;

Prologue Podium: Bookwalter (Center), Zabriskie (Right), McKissick(Left)

G.C. Podium: Bookwalter (Overall - Yellow), Zabriskie (Best Utah rider - Red), Barton (Best Young rider - Blue)

I'll post more pictures tomorrow.

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