19 August 2009

Tour of Utah - Stage One

I wish that I could have been there, but I had to work.


Stage 1 results
1;41;"MANCEBO PEREZ Francisco";"Rock Racing";3:25:00;0:00:00;10;
2;45;"SEVILLA Oscar";"Rock Racing";3:25:00;0:00:00;6;
3;91;"VEILLEUX David";"Kelly Benfit Strategies";3:25:25;0:00:25;4;
4;42;"PENA Victor Hugo";"Rock Racing";3:25:25;"...";"";
5;201;"CLINGER David";"Cole Sport";3:25:25;"...";"";
6;17;"HOWES Alex";"Garmin-Holowesko";3:25:25;"...";"";
7;124;"HAGMAN Alexander";"Ciclismo Racing";3:25:25;"...";"";
8;25;"LILL Darren";"Team Type1";3:25:25;"...";"";
9;85;"SELANDER Bjorn";"U23 Trek-LIVESTRONG";3:25:25;"...";"";
10;21;"ALDAPE Moises";"Team Type1";3:25:25;"...";"";
22;1;"LOUDER Jeff";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";"BMC";3:25:25;"...";"";
25;56;"LANDIS Floyd";"OUCH Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis";3:25:25;"...";"";
36;37;"SWINDLEHURST Burke";"Bissell Pro Cycling";3:25:25;"...";"";
38;19;"91920";"ZABRISKIE David";"Garmin Slipstream";3:25:25;"...";"";

General Classification
1;41;"MANCEBO PEREZ Francisco";"Rock Racing";3:31:07;0:00:00;
2;45;"SEVILLA Oscar";"Rock Racing";3:31:16;0:00:09;
3;2;"BOOKWALTER Brent";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";3:31:37;0:00:30;
4;19;"ZABRISKIE David";"Garmin Slipstream";3:31:39;0:00:32;
5;34;"JACQUES-MAYNES Ben";"Bissell Pro Cycling";3:31:40;0:00:33;
6;1;"LOUDER Jeff";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";3:31:41;0:00:34;
7;91;"VEILLEUX David";"Kelly Benfit Strategies";3:31:43;0:00:36;
8;83;"BEWLEY Sam";"U23 Trek-LIVESTRONG";3:31:46;0:00:39;
9;53;"BALDWIN Christopher";"OUCH Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis";3:31:51;0:00:44;
10;58;"WHITE Bradley";"OUCH Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis";3:31:52;0:00:45;
27;56;"LANDIS Floyd";"OUCH Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis";3:32:01;0:00:54;
32;37;"SWINDLEHURST Burke";"Bissell Pro Cycling";3:32:02;0:00:55;

Best Utah Rider
1;1;"LOUDER Jeff";"BMC Pro Cycling Team";3:25:25;0:00:00;"";

Best Young Rider
1;91;"VEILLEUX David";"Kelly Benfit Strategies";3:25:25;0:00:00;4;


King of the Mountains
1;58;"WHITE Bradley";"OUCH Pro Cycling p/b Maxxis";12;

1;41;"MANCEBO PEREZ Francisco";"Rock Racing";10;

Stage Two: Thanksgiving Point to Mount Nebo

Presented by Thanksgiving Point
August 20, 2009
Road Race, mountain top finishLength: 124 km (77 mi)

Start time: 10:00 am
Finish time: 2:00 pm

Appearing innocent at first, the Stage Two profile is flat with the exception of an enormous spike over the final twenty miles. Riders may think they will find relief from yesterday’s tough Wasatch Mountains in those first fifty miles until they start the long grind to the finish line, 4,000 feet above the low point of the course! Mt. Nebo is a classic local climb that will bring out the mountain goats in the peloton: the slightly-built, ectomorphs whose power-to-weight ratios qualify them as freaks of nature. They’ll need it all, as this climb seems never to end! The overall will surely begin to take shape after this amazing stage.

For complete stage details, download the official Program Guide.

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